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What is HomeWiseDocs.com?

MSI, LLC uses HomeWiseDocs.com to supply the necessary Association data and documents as they relate to the real estate within an association. Should you need help signing up or have questions regarding your order, please call HomeWiseDocs.com customer service at 866-925-5004, or click the blue "Online Chat" button in the upper right corner of the HomeWiseDocs.com site for immediate assistance.

Documents are available to order individually or in convenient bundles. Prices range from $20 per individual document to $231 for the lender bundle. Available documents for purchase individually and in bundles are listed on the site.

If your lender requires a lender-specific questionnaire, they are available through HomeWise. To order a lender-specific form, select "questionnaire," then on next page select the "lender-specific form" option. A drop down box will appear; find your lender-specific form on the list and select it. If your form is not on the list, select one from any of the forms listed and complete your order to obtain a confirmation number. Then, email HomeWise a completely blank PDF version of the specific form you need, with the order confirmation number in the subject line to: forms@homewisedocs.com. Your form will be completed and emailed back to you in three (3) business days, starting the day after payment is received.

Due to a systems upgrade at HomeWisedocs.com, clients using versions of Internet Explorer older than 7.0 will need to contact HomeWisedocs.com at 866.925.5004 to obtain documents by email. (as of October 1, 2011)

Please click here for HomeWiseDocs.com

Status Letter Requests

Status letters should be requested through MSI, LLC through the Status Letter Request Form online or by faxing the Association name, name of buyer, name of seller, property address, closing date, and title company information (to include fax and phone number/name of title company recipient of status letter) to 303-420-6611. Please allow a 24-hour turnaround for new closing status letter requests. Resales and refinances will be done seven (7) days prior to the closing date unless otherwise specified by the title company to ensure the most updated information is provided on the letter. (Rush charges may apply on resale status letters needed within 24 hours.) For questions regarding status letters, please call MSI, LLC at 303-420-4433 and ask for the Accounting Technician for the Association.

Please click here to request a Status Letter.

FHA Approval and Guidelines

For general questions regarding the requirements for FHA approval on Condominium Associations, please visit the Housing and Urban Development Frequently Asked Questions.

For MSI-managed Association specific questions regarding FHA approval, please contact Randi Brown with MSI, LLC via email at   RBrown@msihoa.com  or by calling 720-974-4127.