Our community development services exist to assist in shaping and creating new community associations for quality builders and developers. We provide experienced up-front consulting for new developments that isn't available anywhere in the Denver market. We draw on our extensive experience and access to current data to create accurate start-up budgets. Our start-up budgets are designed to be comprehensive and easy to read guides to the initial assessment for any new developing Association. We also create the same detailed budgets for the maintenance requirements for any Metro District.

In addition, our community development services include the detailed review of the Association's forming documents. This review is a "common sense" review that may help a fledgling Association avoid common pitfalls that we have experienced. Additional basic services include:

  • Insurance policy set up
  • Create and make available on information needed to complete closings.
  • Keeping a detailed checklist of the critical formation documents needed to include reminders for any missing documents.
  • Any other needed consulting advice we can provide based on our years of extensive experience in the market.
  • If you are considering your new development Association needs, MSI  is your most experienced "one stop shop" and these services are often provided at minimal or no cost for the opportunity to manage the development once the first owner arrives. Contact John Field in our Corporate Westminster Office at (303) 420-4433 or email John Field.


  • Consultation
  • Review of Association Documents
  • "Built-out" Budgets
  • Assessment Level Establishment
  • New Owner Packets
  • Full Accounting Service
  • Transition, Annual, and Informational Meetings
  • Metro District Support

  • Newsletters
  • Design Review Processing
  • Annual Budgets
  • Long Term Reserve Planning
  • Full Administrative Services
  • Declarant/Builder Assessment Billing
  • Master Planned Communities
  • Commercial Associations
CALL (303) 420-4433 or E-MAIL: John Field